I'm William, call me Bill.



I'm William, call me Bill.


William Landsman


About Bill

Jack-of-all-trades master of about 7.

What are these things that I am a master of...in no particular order.

1. Being Curious

2. Mucking out animal stalls.

3. Master of Science in Plastics Engineering

4. VW Vanagon Repairs

5. Improv

6. Master of Fine Arts in Acting

7. Habits

Basic information

Personal Details

Location: Based in the US, with improv troupe members in Singapore, India, and Australia. 



What Bill does...

William Landsman Actor


What can I say about acting? It has been my passion for years, whether it be acting on stage or in film, improv, to puppeteering its all about telling stories. I am enjoy entertaining people. Finding truth in serious or comedy, scripted or not is something that I am compelled to do. 

improvanopolis singapore


This all started back in South Coast rep in "the OC", haha...Engineer by day, impro by night. I learned so much in those classes.  

Bill Landsman, voice and movement teacher.

Voice & Movement

This is something that has been an area of study of mine for a long time. I would lose my voice on stage when I first started do I set off to find out why...where it led has been one of the best journeys I've ever taken. I practice the mantra..."That this is my voice today." 

william landsman william shakespeare


I never would have thunk it, but I have a Masters in Acting with an emphasis on Shakespeare's plays. I saw my first Shakespeare Play when I was 27, now I travel the world acting professionally. 

Bill and donkey

Voice Over

I played the voice and was a vactor pupeteer for the role of Donkey at Universal Studios Singapore. Little known fact...if you ever find yourself at Dubai Parks and Resorts in the Motiongate Theme Park. If you hear an announcement anywhere in the park, you will be hearing my voice. Also I voiced the role of Brainy Smurf. 

plastics engineeer


"I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Plastics."

This was my first degree, I am grateful that I did this as my first profession, it has opened my life up to travel. I learned much from this profession and still use those skills every day. 

farming in South Dakota


I spent my childhood cleaning out animal barns, throwing hay bails, picking rocks out of fields...you name it we did it.


September 2018 - PRESENT

Eclectic Bison Productions PTE LTD

Creative Director / Singapore 

After saying I was gonna do it for about 10 years...I finally took the leap and created my own Company. I still try to act as much as I can, but this time I get to choose where, when, a with whom I get to do those acting gigs. So I have started "Improvanopolis" here is Singapore and we do 1-2 shows a month. My other passion is teaching, I really am motivated to continue to pursue it. Currently it's a one man show...on the business side, but I have big dreams for the company. 

 January 2019 - Present

LASALLE College of the Arts  

Lecturer / Singapore

From Shakespeare to Improv and acting, I have found an excitement for teaching that I look forward to continue to grow with over the years. I still am a student of life, but I am ready to teach what I know, to those that might know less in my areas of expertise.

October 2009 - November 2011, July 2017 - July 2018

Universal Studios Singapore

Donkey Live - Dr. White - Jurassic World Show / Singapore

I was lucky enough to be part of the opening cast and develop the "Donkey Live" show...what was fun about it was we were trying to make each other laugh in rehearsals at firs, but then soon learned that our audience was made up of people from varied cultures so we had to adjust it to be entertaining to them. The show changed and morphed over the years. It is still one of my favourite characters to play. I think working with kids demands a level of truth, because they won't sit through anything if they are over it. 

Macbeth 2010 & Romeo and Juliet 2016

Singapore Repertory 
Theatre's Shakespeare 
in the Park

Banquo - Seward - Gregory - Fight Captain / Singapore

This was a particularly fun gig. It had its ups and downs, but there is something about being an opening cast to a show. Developing a character that has never been done before is so rewarding. This is also where I discovered a true love for teaching acting and improv. I was asked to perform daily workshops with over a hundred different performers throughout the year. We also got a chance to 

July 2016 - May 2017

Motiongate - Dubai Parks and Resorts

Performer - Acting Captain / Dubai

This was a particularly fun gig. It had its ups and downs, but there is something about being an opening cast to a show. Developing a character that has never been done before is so rewarding. This is also where I discovered a true love for teaching acting and improv. I was asked to perform daily workshops with over a hundred different performers throughout the year. We also got a chance to perform a couple different times  for the Sheikh of Dubai. 


How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

Viking - Stoic & Gobber Understudy / Australia & New Zealand

This show was a tremendous time. Not only did i get to work with people from a variety of performance backgrounds, we also got to work on such a fun show. It had been a dream of mine to visit Australia, but getting the chance to live there for close to 6 months was a treat. I look back on that time with fond memories.  

2007 - 2008

Walking With Dinosaurs

Puppeteer / United States & Canada

This was a particularly fun show to do. Ever since i was a kid I was fascinated with Dinosaurs...I got this job because I played college football and I always pretended I was a dinosaur.  I loved my dino-team, the touring lifestyle, the physical nature of the show. Unfortunately I was injured wearing the 100+ lb (50 kg) puppet suit and had to leave the tour early. This taught me a huge lesson about the actor/performer and their body, it is our instrument and we don't get a do over if we mess something up. I've been lucky, through and have been able to rehabilitate my injuries, but it is something that I still deal with on a daily basis. 


2013 - 2014

Classical Acting

George Washington University / Washington DC

I received my Master of Fine Arts from the The Shakespeare Theatre Company's Academy For Classical Acting at George Washington University. Whew! That's a mouth full. A rigorous and immersive MFA program that included acting, voice, rhetoric, text, movement, mask, the Alexander Technique, stage combat, clown, as well as dramatic literature, script analysis, and theatre history. Truly a one of a kind experience. Most of the year, I sat in a room and memorised lines. 

2000 - 2001

Plastics Engineering

University of Massachusetts / Lowell

Master of Science in Plastics Engineering, proud to say I had a 4.0 in all my classes in my year of study. Graduated at the top of my class that year with the James B. Francis Award! 

1997 - 2000

Plastics Engineering

University Of Massachusetts / Lowell

Bachelor of Science in Plastics engineering. One day I'm playing football walking studying premed, the next thing I know I've transferred and spending hours and hours a day on chemistry, physics and calculus. Moving to Massachusetts changed my life, jobs from this field took me to the East Coast, West Coast, the South, Mexico and over to Europe. I am truly grateful for the experience. 


What They Say About Me

I am always so impressed that he has
found a way to take the engineering and project management skills he learned at Cardinal Healthcare and transition those into his acting profession. He really is a lifelong learner who also sees the importance of the business side of acting.

Scott Halperin

CEO, Oxytec Medical

Bill’s work is exemplary. He makes strong choices, and commits to them wholeheartedly. His work is always well-judged, but also tinged with the willingness to risk that separates excellent work from more mundane performances...he is equally adept at comedy and drama. He also has great charm – the one thing that a performer cannot really acquire through training.

William Kovacsik

William C. Kovacsik 

Former Chair, Department of Dramatic Writing, NYU Tisch Asia

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What Students Say

Pavan Singh

PAVAN J SINGH - Actor, Theatre Artist

Apart from being a very talented, skilful and intelligent actor, Bill Landsman is also one of the best improvisation artists I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His ability to think quickly and make astute decisions while under performance pressure is truly admirable. In addition to that, I have had the pleasure of seeing him teach and coach other performers in the art and techniques of acting and improvisation, and again- his skills as a teacher are evident through his generosity and his ability to communicate carefully yet succinctly.

Stephen Anthony Whiley


Bill has an intensity and passion that he brings to every aspect of his craft. It is both infectious and inspiring.

Best Improv Classes in Singapore

NATASHA HEYWARD - Singer, Dancer, Actor

Improv with Bill is:

1. The safest place to be as silly as possible and make a fool of yourself

2. A lot of laughter and general tomfoolery

3. Learning and improving without even realising it 4. Gaining confidence on stage and off!!



CV's Available Upon Request

Dr White Universal Studios Singapore
William Landsman Tired
Film shoot in Singapore, William Landsman
Improvanopolis Los Angeles
William Landsman Western Cowboy
A Christmas Carol


Popcorn & Cats

cats and popcorn

Stage Combat

William Landsman Stage Combat Singapore

Freddie Mercury

Bill dressed as Freddie Mercury

My Van 

Bill and his Vanagon


Morning cup of coffee in Singapore.

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the mighty boosh

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